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Threading Lightly has gone out of business. We are working on getting another source set up.

Folks, We need some older (or newer) iPhones and whatever else you have to donate. We check them out, sell them and that's how we grow the Computer & Tech Club Scholarship Fund. We're on to next year but through your donations we were able to give 5 scholarships this year. I can't recall when we have given over 3 so it was a banner year, THANKS TO YOU.

We can pick up or you can drop off. Call David Kirsch at 281-458-2655 or Pat McCarthy at 832-338-5925.

We can't sell them if we can't reset them so can you help by including your contact information - we cringe when we get a perfectly good device that we can't reset - please include it.

For information about the Club, Help sessions, etc. Check here at or call Pat. He's right here in the Village and easily accessible.

"Mobile Hand Held Devices and Facebook Help

Devry Rhodes, Fountain Lake H.S. EAST Lab facilitator, invites us to stop in for technical help with cell phones and Facebook from the students ANYTIME during the day except at lunch time (12:00-1:15). Check in at the office. The lab is right down the hall from there.

Mr. Devrys's email is if you want to let him know when you want to come. The school's Phone number is 501-701-1715

Donate Your Old Computer Equipmentcomputer image
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Link to a brief instructional on ZOOM

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New SIG - HSV Drone Pilots

If you are interested in drones, check out our drone SIG (Special Interest Group) on the SIG page.

June Meeting Update

The Computer and Technology Club's June meeting will be a presentation concerning Artificial Intelligence (AI) We are hearing more and more about the impact of AI on our lives and work. It's time we sorted out what AI is and what it can and can't do for us.

Our guest speaker for this quarter's meeting will be Mr. Stuart Leibowitz. He is a product manager for IBM IT automation. His focus is how artificial intelligence is affecting business processes and technology. This should be another interesting discussion on the development of AI and its effect on us.

The Club has voted to change our meeting schedule to a Quarterly schedule. Meetings will still be held on the 4th Thursday, but only quarterly beginning in March 2024. This is due to declining membership and a desire to prepare more relevant meeting presentations.

The Club's New Training Initiative

Starting in July we are going to be doing targeted workshops. So, what is a targeted workshop? It is like a class, but not. These sessions will cover a specific subject. These sessions will be at the Village Church of Christ, third Tuesday of the month and held from 2 until 4. The first session, July 16, will be on password managers. Check the Classes page for more information.

Security and Ransomware Warnings

The Club has seen a large increase in security problems. There has also been an increase in the attendant warnings that many sources put out. We feel it is important to pass these items on to our membership as soon as we know about them. There has been some concern in the recent past that messages we have sent out (which contained links to further instruction and videos) might have been forgeries or hoaxes. People just weren't sure the message came from the club. Therefore, we have created a new Security and Ransomware Warning web page as a way of ensuring you know our messages are genuine and pose no threat of their own.


- We are working toward our goal for 2024-2025 school year.

This year the Club awarded 5 $1000 scholarships.

As part of our goal to be of service to our community, we have set up a scholarship fund for a qualified high-school student from either Jessieville, Fountain Lake, or Mountain Pine who plans to go on to college to study computer-related technology.

We are asking for donations to help us fund more scholarships. There will be a donation jar at our evening and breakfast meetings as well as at each of our classes. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

Donations may be mailed payable to Computer Club of HSV, P.O. Box 8387, Hot Springs Village, AR 71910. Be sure to indicate it is a scholarship donation. If you need proof of donation for tax purposes, please let us know.

Students applying for our scholarships may click the links below to see application requirements, fill out the application online to print and sign for mailing, or download an aplication package.

Coversheet and Requirements list.

Application form to fill, print and mail.

Downloadable scholarship package.

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teamsThermometer By ABC Fundraising®

Club Name Change

We have received our "Doing Business As" (DBA or as Arkansas describes it, a "fictitious name") registration. We will be using Computer and Technology Club of HSV as our name to reflect the increasing emphasis on technology in our everyday lives. You may see the other name CCHSV in places and the website remains

Moving to Hot Springs Village?

Get all of the information you need about the Village at the POA web site. Below is a list of the most commonly used Internet service providers (ISPs) and wireless providers in our area:


Suddenlink Cable ATT


ATT Sprint Verizon

Internet Satellite:

Viasat-Exede Dealer
Murphy Communications
4 Stonegate Shores Dr
Hot Springs, AR 71913

PennMoore Communications, Inc
116 D Albert Pike
Hot Springs, AR 71913
Phone: 501-912-0067

Hughesnet Dealer
Mr. Satellite
106 E Sonora Dr
Hot Springs National Park, AR, 71913
Telephone: 501-545-8503