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Meeting Presentations

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Meeting Presentations

February 27, 2020 Meeting Cord Cutting Part 1
Meeting Handout

January 23, 2020 presentation by Sue Davis. Audio only

May 24, 2018 Meeting:
Microsoft Office Online - What You Can Do for Free

April 26, 2018 Meeting:
What Personal Computers Can Do

February 22, 2018 Meeting:
Streaming With Tivo and Suddenlink

January 25, 2018 Meeting:

September 28, 2017 Meeting:
Protecting Your Photos

September 25, 2017 Class:
Introduction to Amazon Echo and Dot Class

June 22, 2017 Meeting:
Tablets 2017

June 22, 2017 Meeting:
Home Networking - Meetings and Tips
Introducing Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa
Introducing Echo Look. Love your look. Every day

May 28, 2017 Meeting:
TV Viewing Choices

March 23, 2017 Meeting:
11 Cortana Tricks for a Master Chief - Other Cortana Skills
12 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks for Cortana
How Cortana Comes to Life in Windows 10
Google Home Review
Showdown Google Home vs Amazon Echo
Top 5 Things Amazon's Alexa Can Do That Google Home Can't Do
Top 5 Things Google Home Can Do That Amazon's Alexa Can't Do

February 23, 2017 Meeting:
Amazon Echo Power Point Presentation
Amazon Echo Video
Amazon Echo Video 2
Google Home Demo Video
Amazon Echo vs. Google Home Video
Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Which One is Better?

January 26, 2017 Meeting:

Video Streaming vs. Video Casting

Edge Tip:

If Edge locks up type start microsoft-edge: into a command prompt window after you have closed the locked up Edge with Task Manager (link to 10 ways to open task manager: You just click the Microsoft Edge entry in task manager and the click end task in the lower right corner.

Ultimate Settings Panel:

Install, Ultimate Settings Panel file to your PC. Unzip and double click setup. The Ultimate Settings Panel will be installed on your computer in your apps.